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Under Tile System for Hire

At Fink Safety we make our safety rails system easy for the tradesman to work around.

Our under tile bracket has been specialty designed for the roof restoration industry, this type of system has no poles from the ground so it will not get in the way.

Just a simple under tile bracket that allows the tradesperson to complete their work in hand. This bracket is completely water proof which stopes water entering the surfiet area of the house during rain.

It also allows you to clean and repaint all of the tiles only a small touch up is required when removing.

At Fink Safety we know what the restoration industry needs, when booking Fink Safety edge protection for tile roof restoration.

If you can let us know what tile type is on the roof (see on our order form) then we will take tiles with us so in the event of us breaking a tile we will change the broken tile, to ensure the roof is water tight.

On completion if your tradesman leaves some paint on site Fink Safety will touch up any areas of the roof once the brackets have been removed.

  • All our brackets are a maximum of 3MTR spans
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